Who is OM?

Back in the day, OM (the unnamed old man) was just that, and old man. Not only was he nameless, but he also had no depth. He was generic. But after the story discussions started (see story post) and we were fleshing him out, we started thinking of existing stories and what our underlying idea would be. Well, it’s pretty obvious, this would have the feeling of The Tortoise and the Hare. We didn’t want to copy it exactly, and we definitely wanted OM to be human, but there was nothing stopping us from making him feel like a turtle. Part way through character ideas, it all started to come together…

OM 1

Early sketch of OM when we started the turtle idea. He has a longer, wrinklier neck, tucked-in mouth and bald, elongated head.

OM 2

Cleaner sketch with some adjustments. Added the vest as a “shell”. Glasses were an option but didn’t stick.

It was a start, but not quite there. He was too normal. Too generic still. We needed some style. Something with more appeal…

OM Sketch 3

This was a LOT closer. I tried to get a nose with more beak, like a turtle, and sketched more rigid lines. He needed that “over 100″ look.

And, finally, we had OM right where we wanted him…

OM Sketch 4

A final color sketch. Since this sketch and during modeling, he’s changed a bit more.

Of course, I didn’t go in to every detail of how we ended up here (probably because I can’t remember half the brainstorm discussions) but I can tell you it took months. Lots of research about turtles, old men clothing and lots of Red Bull. LOTS of Red Bull… See you next post!